Freedom Of The Press Is Dying

Humanity is at a crossroads, we can decide to fight the system that exists or we can work towards a transformation. Many of us have had dreams that media can be changed, returned to ethical reporting, but what we have found is that it is an up hill struggle and that there are many obstacles in place which prevent change. A question we could ask ourselves is why has the federal Communication Commission and the Justice Department or any of the agencies that regulate information monopolies not acted to stop the consolidation of media ownership? People like Rupert Murdoch control The

New York Post, The Weekly Standard, Mushroom Records, Fox Network and 15 TV stations and much more. The same is true for GE Receptor and the Viacom Receptor corporate conglomerates.

I wanted to add briefly that even the so-called "alternative" presses in large metropolitan areas, such as my hometown of Berea (Cleveland), Ohio, are owned by colidated corporations. The biggest "alternatives" in my area are owned by corporations in New York City and Phoenix, Arizona, and these conglomerates are making it a point to buy up oodles and oodles of once independent "alternatives" and then continuing to call the newspapers independent long after they have lost independence. I have a hard time getting certain chain run video shops, bookstores, coffee shops, convenient stores, etc., carry my community newspapers in my own community, while newspapers owned by media moguls who could care less about my neighbors and friends are given automatic access to distribute their "news" and "information" because the corporate consolidation and control has taken absolute authority over freedom, while the people sleep.

This is dangerous and so well hidden from public awareness. Freedom of the press is not only dying out because of press ownership but also because of the way press distribution is also monopolized and controlled. If anyone would ever wish to see a genuine, natural, actual newspaper/free forum "of the people, by the people, for the people," free samples would gladly be mailed out.

Much Love

Ron McEntee President/Publisher
Active Communications, Inc.
Active Voice/The Weekly Farce
P.O. Box 394
Berea, OH 44017

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